The world of Digital Commerce and the associated marketing and advertising are now clearly “center stage” activities for business owners, small and large. According to research published by DigitalCommerce360, while US total retail sales grew only 3% in 2016, the portion of retail sales represented by digital commerce grew 15.6% to nearly $400B USD. Increasingly consumers are turning to their digital appliances to educate, find, shop for and buy their products and services. Digital advertising now represents over 50% of the total US advertising “eyeballs” or marketplace. New digital advertising technologies emerge daily. Business owners must stay abreast of the increasing impact of digitization and the mountains of valuable data that comes from consumers digital activities. Managing the “Conversion Funnel” including ad spend, customer acquisition cost, customer retention and the associated “big data”, while also insuring competitors are not stealing leads you paid to acquire, are challenges that are increasingly difficult for businesses.

The digital marketing experts at 7 Seven Advisors can help you harness and optimize your digital campaign strategies and spend while also helping deliver high value data about your customers shopping behavior and selection process.

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