Strategy Workshops

VisionStrat is a 1 to 3 day workshop designed to guide leadership teams, from 10 to 100 persons, through the strategic visioning process with the end goal of defining a highly effective strategy for the subject organization. We bring deep experience facilitating strategic events from across a spectrum of industries and from companies of all sizes, in both the private (for & non-profit) and public sectors. Our approach to these workshops is engaging, challenging, inclusive and enriching for the organizations entire leadership team and an elevating event for overall organizational culture.

The VisionStrat© approach is ever evolving as our leadership team continues to review and evaluate the latest in published research on effective management techniques and from our own independent analysis that we conduct on successful and emerging organizations as well as those who may have run into troubling times. While we do embrace several traditional and fundamental strategic management techniques in our workshops, such as a SWOT analysis for example, we strive to stay abreast of emerging trends in organizational leadership and to regularly evolve our approach to insure relevance and currency. From our 30+ years of organizational and strategic leadership, we have identified six (6) key characteristics that are present in a majority of companies who have highly effective Corporate Strategies. Read more here..

In order to provide for a focused environment, VisionStrat© workshops are typically held offsite and away from the bustle and noise of the everyday operations of the organization. Often organizations find it beneficial to schedule the VisionStrat© workshops as “retreats” and hold them in locations that will encourage 1-2 nights of “away from home” lodging for the participants during the workshop. This allows for the organization to also incorporate additional team building and social time into the overall agenda of the workshop. Participants regularly evaluate the social time as “highly effective” because it provides for important unstructured discussion time of the workshop activities and enriches the overall team building experience.

The VisionStrat© model encourages inclusiveness in its approach. The process provides for all voices to be heard and for an atmosphere where “out of the box” thinking is rewarded. Top level executive involvement is mandatory, but titles and organizational hierarchy are shed at the door of the workshop. When selecting participants, organizations are strongly encouraged to include a large and representative cross sections of their leadership team in the workshop. Strong and overbearing personalities, while encouraged to participate, are carefully and professionally governed by our facilitators.

The end goal of the VisionStrat© workshop is to define an effective organizational strategy that encompasses the collaborative work of the organizations’ leadership team. After the workshop is completed, we will prepare for the organizations’ leadership team an executive summary presentation that encompasses the consensus strategy from the workshop along with other key workshop outcomes. We will also organize and deliver a digital copy of the “work papers” which will include documentation of the workshops’ key discussions and concepts.

For more information on the VisionStrat© strategic visioning workshops or to schedule please complete this contact form and we will be in touch with you right away.


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